Alessandro Gnutti

With a growing experience in the field in the area of Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment and vulnerability management, I am a professional with one goal in mind: helping organizations' growth aware of their cyber risk and what can be done to lower such risk.

I started in the field with a Master in Cybersecurity from the EIT Digital Master School at the University of Twente and the University of Trento; there I built a broad base of knowledge and went on doing an internship focused on the cyber risk inside a museal entity with the MUSE.

From there, after a brief stint in project management related to cybersecurity, I moved to my actual position where I worked on a few different projects of varying sizes, always focused on either the Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment or the vulnerability management.

With a fresh perspective, lately I have been taking a deeper dive into the OT side of the equation as it is a field open for development from a cybersecurity point of view.

Such dive, and in general all my work, is supported by a curious, analytical mind, not scared to tackle new challenges and learn new knowledge.

Where to find me?